Dr. Nick and Dr. Naina Discuss Female and Male Intimate Function

September 9, 2011 927 views

Dr. Naina explains that having a positive mind, body, and spirit is necessary for achieving optimal intimate function. Physically, it is important to make sure you have a healthy level of nitric oxide, this will help with allowing proper blood flow to the genital area during intimacy. Proper hormonal function in both men and women especially with testosterone and nitric oxide will increase physical pleasure. Supplementation through natural products can aid in optimal orgasmic experience. Products like our Beet Vitality, and Amore V help with raising the nitric oxide levels specifically to the genital area to increase libido, sensitivity, and stamina. Visit our website or call our offices 949-720-1554 to learn more about these products, https://delgadoprotocol.com/product/beet-vitality/

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