Dr. Alan Bauman Explains the Hormonal Relationship Between Hair Loss and Acne.

July 7, 2014 583 views

Dr. Alan Bauman explains the hormonal relationship between hair loss, and acne.


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Dr. Alan Bauman has experience in helping patients combat hair loss. He has learned that there is a relationship between hair loss and Acne. Sound weird? Well it has to do with balancing hormones. When he does a DNA test on a patient looking for causes of hair loss, he sometimes finds bigger issues than what he is anticipating…

0:03 Dr. Bauman starts his’ treatment of a patient with an Androgen Sensitivity Test
0:15 Androgen sensitivity and acne do run together.
0:24 Sometimes a hair loss concern can reveal deeper and more dangerous conditions.
1:02 Dr. Bauman’s practice focuses on the scalp, but his’ androgen blocking treatments can help both hair loss and acne.

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