Do women need testosterone?

April 6, 2012 666 views

Do women need testosterone?

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Dr. Nick Delgado answers the question Do women need testosterone? With thorough research references and keen insight into nutrition, biochemistry and hormones, this is one video you don’t want to miss.

0:04 Women with a hysterectomy need testosterone even more!
0:22 Hysterectomy patients experience some unfortunate side effects
0:47 Hysterectomy is a financially-driven surgery
1:02 Adrenal glands also produce testosterone, but often not enough
1:24 The most successful people on the planet frequently have a high interest in sex
1:54 Correct your hormones to feel sexy and healthy
2:12 Dr. Delgado has made Testro Vida out of natural herbs
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Dr. Nick Delgado
Health and Anti-Aging Coach

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