Disease prevention with healthy plant based recipes by Dr Nick Delgado & Marc Rose MD

September 14, 2018 507 views

Healthy food recipes percentage fat, protein, carbohydrates, Energy medicine and to reverse disease. Eye care, Save Your Sight by Dr Marc Rose and Michael Rose MD

Dr Nick Delgado Author of Simply Healthy shares recipes

Coconuts south pacific, very healthy unprocessed, LDL under 95, like Katavan south pacific islanders diet, healthy skin, Acne be Gone for Good. Eat Healthy organic fresh food. Healthy gut, How Not to Die, proteinaholics by Garth Davis MD, Simply Healthy cookbook by Dr Nick Delgado, healthy, supplements, blood pressure, triglycerides, yoga, lifestyle medicine, and FIT food inflammatory test to identify compatible foods. Jack Fruit, Red Hot sauce for vegan fish sticks. Harmless coconut water, microbes healthy gut.
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