Diabetes – Type-2 Diabetes and a Low-Fat Diet

August 18, 2016 2805 views


Type-2 Diabetes and a Low Fat Diet w/ Dr. Michael Klaper

29 Million Americans suffer with diabetes. This number is appalling, especially since 90% to 95% of diabetes cases can be prevented with proper nutritional education. For decades, doctors have been perpetuating the myth that sugar is the biggest contributor to diabetes and that by simply eliminating sugar, you can prevent and reverse type-2 diabetes, but that is simply not true. Read-on to discover the real cause of diabetes — what you discover may just surprise you.

Type-1 diabetes, sometimes referred to as juvenile diabetes, is a chronic condition where the pancreas makes little-to- no insulin (which is the blood sugar regulating hormone). Type-1 diabetes is usually diagnosed in childhood and it accounts for just 5%-10% of diabetic cases. Type-1 diabetics have to be very modest in their sugar intake and they have to take insulin regularly, in order to survive. Although type-1 diabetes is neither preventable nor reversible, insulin requirements and diabetes symptoms can be reduced through diet and lifestyle modifications.


The True Cause of Diabetes and How to Reverse It

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