DHT hormonal Acne Quiz, SHBG, oil skin, hair loss? Potent androgen in excess? Drug or herb solution?

October 21, 2018 167 views

DHT is seven times more potent than testosterone. In excess in men, or woman it can cause hair loss, oily skin and acne. The are herbs that can modulate DHT, yet be careful of drugs like finasteride, even if it helps the skin, it can cause ED in men. Woman often times are given spirolactone with potential side effects. It is best to seek natural solutions that often times work well when diet, exercise, natural supplements help to balance hormones.

Note at 2 minutes in time code, DHT is done, and there is a transition to
Estrogen quiz ending at 635
Get a 24 urine hormone test along with a blood test. Good to bad estrogens, and balance to safer forms of hormones can be enhanced with methyl donors. Some individuals may have a change in the color of urine when herbs like DIM help to clear harmful estrogens. Less oils, more plant based diet, ideal body weight, and SHBG will influence the bodies hormones and androgen’s in the skin. Methyl donors, help detoxify estrogens. Estrogen in pesticides, cash receipt, animal foods, animals have menstrual cycles that increase estrogen levels to dangerous levels. Dairy and animal foods can be switched to plant based goods.

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