Cortisol? The most important hormone affecting fatigue, addictions, carvings, obesity

October 16, 2018 602 views

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Most people have been mislead to believe Cortisol is bad and we should suppress cortisol levels. The truth is that very low cortisol levels means you might have adrenal burnout and the body isn’t able to produce enough cortisol. Then one must depend on Adrenaline. The body will feel over stimulated especially if you drink one or more cups of coffee, or soda pop with caffeine or lack sleep, and healthy levels of day light.
The support emotional well-being, immune system (less colds and flu’s) or good body weight without overeating is a good adrenal function to produce enough cortisol.
Consider supporting adrenal function with Adrenal DMG

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added methyl donors will help the body restore energy and adrenal function.

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