CBD and Industrial Hemp

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CBD and Industrial Hemp

Dr. Nick Delgado and Dr. Christopher Shade discuss CBD. CBD can be taken orally or transdermally. There are new delivery systems for CBD that are delivering better absorption that has been seen before. Dr. Shade hopes that in the future, CBD can be combined with nutraceuticals to produce better medicine.

0:24 The most common source of cannobidiol is now industrially grown hemp.
0:38 Legal CBD has very low THC content.
1:01 Low CBD content is best for phospholipid delivery systems.
1:19 With this new delivery system, you can get a 5 fold increase in absorption.
1:59 To really feel the calming effects of CBD, Dr. Shade took 6 milligrams orally.
2:18 CBD is also used in oncology
2:34 If you can get better absorbtion out of smaller doses, it would be cheaper.
2:59 Dr. Shade is using small liposomes as a delivery system for CBD
3:19 For trans-anal absorption you would do an implant of the CBD dose.
3:38 What is the best combination of CBD and THC?
4:01 Only 1% or 2% THC would be a suitable dose for people with neurological conditions.
4:28 Dr. Shade’s idea for a better medicine
4:49 Hopefully these medicines can be combined with other nutraceuticals in the future.
5:02 The goal is to help the patient’s body to function at its best and treat itself.
5:15 The goal of this medicine is to reverse epigenetic blocks and restore the body’s function.
5:27 When you get the genes turned on, the whole system comes back on
6:01 Dr. Shade’s website quicksilverscientific.com
6:37 Some new articles on Dr. Shade’s website

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