Cancer healing, Hormonal imbalance, Exercise, potent herbs, plant proteins, Mind Set to be vital

December 2, 2018 255 views

Dr Nick discusses with Client Amy about her challenge with Cancer and depressed immune system. Use the 3 steps, Detoxify, Nutrify, and fortify. There are herbs and supplements that can help. Do a cancer blood profile, Thermography, and a plant based diet. The Journey of Pamela improved immune system after attending Hope4Cancer has cleared tumors in her body.

Stay Young plant nitrites turn to nitric oxide, improve sleep, exercise and sleep.
Neuro Insight – Methyl donor help clear toxins.
Neuro Inspire -Brain Activator, improve mental cognition.
Nuero Ortho Stem release stem cells to get back to younger mobilization. -heal faster
Adrenal DMG to improve immune function and reduce fungus, stress, colds, flu’s
EstroBlock and DIM 259 to detoxify harmful hormones.
H2 Hydrogen Ultimate Antioxidant to reduce free radical damage
Beet Vitality builds up nitric oxide and healing growth factors.

Learn to balance hormones to combat cancer and improve the immune system
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