Cancer cure by immunotherapy, diet, exercise, sunlight, hormones by Dr Nick

September 12, 2018 350 views

Cancer Detection & Prevention with Herbs & Hormones, Immunotherapy and lifestyle Medicine.
Nick Delgado PhD, ABAAHP, contributing Author to Medical Therapeutics, coach to Hope4Cancer clients from around the world.
Dr Nick has learned how to build up his mind and body to be a World Strength Endurance Champion holder of two world records in curl and press, and the curl.
is it possible we have missed the most important way to battle cancer which is by strengthening our immune system? Fight out the shocking yet effective ways to stimulate the white blood cells and allow the detoxification systems of the body to locate and destroy cancer. What can we do when we reach are past the age of 60 when the immune system declines in its powers by over 6,000 % leaving most adults susceptible to cancer? It is possible we can restore immune function with Thymus T cells, protein peptides, bio identical hormones and herbs that modify metabolites of hormones and the methyl donors that convert out the toxic waste of metabolism. Learn more at the online courses offered after you take the hormone quiz at

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