Can we live long enough to live forever? Can we discover Immortality? Dr. Aubrey De Grey

October 5, 2018 3227 views

Dr. Aubrey De Grey, SENS Foundation, Co-Founder, talks of species that live hundreds of years. We have to understand metabolism and postpone old age.

How can reverse aging by improving repair mechanism. Cells die, and the waste as well as energy byproducts to avoid tissue breakdown with methyl donors.

Neuro Insight

Cellular senescence is one phenomenon by which normal cells cease to divide. In their seminal experiments from the early 1960’s, Leonard Hayflick

Senescent cells increase in many tissues with aging; they also occur in organs associated with many chronic diseases and after radiation or chemotherapy. Senolytics are a class of drugs that selectively eliminate senescent cells.

Cancer cells are immortal, why?

Cord blood Stem cells injected into young work well. Stem Cells when injected into older people to get good results we need to prepare the older body and clear old cells.
What do we know about intra-articular injection of either ESC-MSCs or their exosomes. Cartilage destruction and matrix degradation reversed in animal models now human trials are starting.

Can we help Parkinson’s disease Alzheimer’s patients, or reverse atherosclerosis and cancer?

Calorie restriction has to be carefully controlled to not digest body tissues and not restricted to the extreme. By using Plant based proteins whole foods, oil free are able to reduce calories to ideal levels. We don’t want too high of calories.

You will learn of the 9 major categories that must be address to reverse aging.

1. Stem Cells
2. Hormones- from younger donors -endocrine aging
3. Metabolism – mitochondria
4. Immune system aging -cells stop dividing
5. Chromosome shortening due to DNA replication
6. Free Radical damage- the need to clear waste from inside the cells and outside the cells
7. Cross linking formation of chemical bonds -wrinkles loss elasticity of tissues. The need eliminate or slow down chemical bonds.

What two processes of aging did we miss that was stated in this talk to reverse aging? The first one with a correct answer will Win a free product called Neuro Insight from

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