Build powerfully strong muscles, ripped abs, lean body in 20 min? Intense workout of the entire body

March 22, 2018 855 views

The ultimate intense power workout of the back, chest, abs, legs all in 20 minutes! Guaranteed out of this world “The man of Steel” with Dr Nick & Ibok assuring you of the fastest results on the planet earth.

Dr. Nick Delgado in his late 50’s broke two world strength Endurance records for weight lifting dumbbell curls and curl and press. A record that still stands today, although his training partner for team USA is dangerously close to exceed that record set back in Oct 2007, the fact is Dr Nick now in his past the age of 65 can still outlift elite athletes and trains with world champions like Ibok who was pound for pound one of the strongest football players in college football out of Texas. This Extreme Workout is for anyone who is tried of seeing slow gains. Yes this is the extreme workout that men and woman having rarely ever been shown. Watch and try it. Do this routine about 3 or 4 times a week which one set per body part takes only about 20 minutes per person to complete! See and feel incredible results in 4 to 6 weeks beyond your wildest dreams.

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