Build Muscle Without Exercise with Tesla Max Endorsed by Dr Nick Endurance Vegan Champion

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Electrical stimulation devices are muscle stimulators that use electrical impulses in order to trigger muscular contractions. They are passive workout devices since you don’t purposefully contract the muscles like you would while doing weight bearing or weight lifting exercises. They are touted for their ability to build-up strength and muscle, but the majority of the population dismisses them due to their passive nature. Doctor Nick Delgado used to think that way himself, and was formally a strong believer that you had to go to the gym in order to build strength. However, his opinion changed when he tried the TeslaMax, and now he not only uses it regularly, he also advocates it for anyone who wants to build strength, heal and prevent injuries, and/or optimize their athletic performance.

Electrical stimulation systems have been around for decades, however, TeslaMax uses a different delivery system that allows for a much higher voltage and lower amperage, without causing any physical discomfort. The delivery system used in the TeslaMax mimics what your body does naturally while strength training, causing a powerful signal for your muscles to contract deeply (much more so than standard stimulatory devices). The deeper contractions are tolerable for a much longer period of time, without causing burning or pain, which in turn, allows for maximum muscle strengthening results. Due to its unique delivery system, you can use the Tesla Max for 45 minutes without any discomfort and the repetitive contracting and relaxing action that occurs in that amount of time is equivalent to about 500-800 sit ups, 1000 squats, or 200 push-ups. What impressed Doctor Delgado the most is that even if a person doesn’t have the physical capability to perform that many repetitious exercises, they can sit there passively while the Tesla Max works for them – all without breaking a sweat. The Tesla Max is also superior to standard stimulation devices because its delivery system helps to stimulate not only muscles, but also soft tissues and ligaments and it removes edema (the stagnant fluids that surround muscle injuries), which accelerates the healing of injuries.

The Tesla Max Pro can also be used for issues with:
– uncontrollable urination,
– weakened muscles from paralysis,
– poor circulation from diabetes or neuropathy,
– nerve damage,
– blocked arteries to the leg (claudication),
– back pain,
– Neck pain,
– shoulder replacement
– hip replacement
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Dr. Nick Delgado
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