Bio-identical Hormones enhance well-being Dr David Ghozland

August 23, 2018 298 views

All natural bio identical hormones from yams. Men and woman decline hormones such as testosterone cause disease, ED, fatigue, inflammation, metabolism, focus, energy, sleep, decrease libido, desire for success from a lack of overall energy on the Delgado Protocol. By tests, clinical symptoms and hormone quizzes we can find out how low your hormones are and who to replace these hormones within 72 hours. Woman decline in hormones causes skin changes, lose hair, lack intimacy with husband. There are no patents on natural bio identical hormones. The 1950’s was the first use of testosterone hormones. Books by Dr NIck Delgado are helping those with hormone replacement or intervention therapy. Testosterone can be affected by the use of alcohol which increase estrogens levels. We have now estroblock to clear harmful estrogens.


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