Biceps, Lats, shoulders & core training to build a firm lean body with Dr. Nick Delgado

January 12, 2015 698 views

Dr Nick demonstrates intermediate to advanced training of Biceps, Back & lats to burn more calories with the hammer curl press, rows, and balancing ball or trampoline employees type of “surf shoes or barefoot for “grounding”, and special hand grips called Versa Gripps to extend the sets for continuous repetitions, blocks for pyramiding up and pyramid down, good form for core strength, bungee cord trampoline core and body strength, for bilateral movement. This type of exercise will increase lean body mass which burns body fat every hour after the exercise. The idea is little or no rest between sets by extending the sets by changing the weights to decrease the weight as you get tired. This is the type of work out that can improve your cardio, strength, core strength and fitness level, all in one workout.

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