Beautiful Healthy Skin Without Botox or Surgery

November 11, 2014 714 views

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So tell me about this skin cream, do you think it’s played a role in the quality of her skin? I won’t speak for Holly, I’ll just ask her if this is true. After I started applying the micro hormone containing skin cream did you notice an additional improvement? yes because the skin gets smoother and then tighter and were not talking about Botox or anything cause I’ve never had anything done on my skin. No surgery. Wow, because he told me. Can I hold this up? Look at you . You’re beautiful. So he said this to me he says don’t ever talk to me about Botox and all that. He said before your 70, so then I get 70s and I say now what do I do? And then he says we can this skin and also the cell therapy. Ya, the cell therapy. Except its the second best type not the first best but another thing . Very fortunately in medical journals you can find all kinds of interesting stuff if you go looking for it. It doesn’t get publicity because it’s not patentable. What I found were several articles that said well if you use a tiny dose of estrogen or a tiny dose progesterone that not only does it with precise measurement, it decreased the number of wrinkles and the wrinkle depth also stimulates the production of collagen and it increases the production of elastic fibers. This is all proven by biopsy not maybe. They biopsy before and after and look more elastic fibers and more collagen and larger elastic fibers. ya, no kidding with micro doses of hormones. So, they’re so small researchers when they have ladies put them on before and after biopsies they also measure blood levels and the blood levels were not significantly changed. Meaning it didn’t’ get into the circulation. It was a tiny dose and it soaked into the skin and it makes a very very significant difference in the quality of the skin on top of she was doing fine anyway with the systemic bio-dentical hormones which are the ones that are giving insufficient quantities that you can see a rise in the blood and so forth. So anyway, she’s been using systemic ones and the local ones together. I heard the question asked but men are starting to have Botox . Is it possible to have a testosterone a little DHA or maybe a little estral rubbed in. You nailed it because estral increases elastic tissue in both men and woman and so the compounding pharmacies I work with have 1 version for women with no testosterone because the ladies don’t want to grow whiskers or have pimples. particularly if its applied in an area which might have post follicles. And there is another version which we have seen that has all the same things except the pro-testosterone in it for the guys . Now just incidentally how many folks do you see who happen to be in their 70s or 80s who don’t have jowls, uh huh. And if you start soon enough with that and apply it , the one with testosterone particularly but he one with estrogal works too and apply it here you don’t have to end up looking all jowly. I mean that’s convincing. As well as the facial part. Because its you know people wan that quick simple fix and they don’t realize that your deadening muscles, I’m not complaining but its a poison. It doesn’t make sense. And not only that occasionally someone will come in such as the lady who came and said my toes are numb. I think it’s the Botox and said I think it’s the Botox. And I said why do you say that? Because it only came out after I had 3 Botox treatments, ok well don’t have any more and let me know what happens. And she had other things in mind too so we talked about that. Sure enough a couple , 3 visits later which was a year later, no more toe numbness. It took a year but if she had continued with that route of Botox it may have not been a good outcome. Or it may not have reversed itself.

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