Arnold Classic Greatest Mr Olympian’s Phil Heath, Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman, Arnold Schwarzenegger

April 18, 2019 3707 views

Arnold Sports Festival 2019, Columbus Ohio, over 200,000 fitness fans listen to
Arnold Classic Greatest Mr. Olympian in history Phil Heath, Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman, Lee Haney, Franco Columbu, Kai Green, Arnold Schwarzenegger

Brandon Curry, winner of Arnold Classic 2019

Bodybuilding greatest talk on stage about their careers, Fitness, and their feelings about supplements, training, dealing with an injury, surgery, kids, wife, and aspirations. Insight to Ronnie Coleman struggle after 12 surgeries.

42 minutes to 1:30
Arnold Talks of sports to inspire the world to exercise, now Arnold is coming out soon in public to recommend Plant-based protein diet for health. Arnold cut weight from 240 lbs down to 210 lbs for the movie; Stay Younger, Sally Fields, Jeff Bridges. Arnold says how he felt of his record 7 Mr. Olympia titles being broken by Lee Haney with 8 Mr. Olympia. Arnold was motivated by Reg Park, Mr. Universe to get into movies such as Hercules.

Franco Columbo talks of funny story Sergio Olivia Triceps! Powerlifting, strongman competition, training partners, convinced Joe Weider to come from Germany.

Jay Cutler talks of his issues with Ben Weider, and social media growth. Jay won the title was a big accomplishment and had to lose to Ronnie Coleman 4 years in a row. Jay beat Phil Heath too

Ronnie Coleman says Lee Haney is the greatest of all time. Lee in an interview with Dr Nick Delgado found out from Lee Haney that high plant-based protein is critical to success in bodybuilding with over 500 grams of complex carbohydrates.

Phil Heath talks of a come back after 7 wins and one loss to consider what it takes with his great body parts.

Brandon Curry talks of his wish to compete against Phil Heath at 2019 Sept 12-15 Mr Olylmpia Las Vegas


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