Anti Aging In Pursuit Of Immortality Using Lifestyle, Energy, Stem Cells, Rejuvenation Medicine

August 22, 2019 736 views

Dr Nick Delgado tells his story of how he found was challenged by the alpha male monkeys in the rain forest, and his challenge to defeat the strongest strength athlete Dragan in dumbbells lifts overhead learning the push the mind and body. Now the Delgado Challenge of $1,000 is offered with Nick Delgado now in his mid 60’s (65 January 5 2020)

This caused Nick PhD to learn about herbs that balance hormones, the control of excess estrogen, optimizations of testosterone, growth hormone, cortisol and insulin. Stem Cells, nano mitochondria, peptides play a role in slowing the aging process. Some of these methods and more are discussed at of Dr Nick newest goal to exceed the all time record for healthy aging, by using the 4 steps to immortality: 1) Detoxify, 2) nutrify 3) fortify 4) power of the mind.


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