Amazing ways to reverse Cancer, complementary Treatments, and Supplements Ben Johnson MD

June 24, 2018 1259 views

Will Mammograms cause cancer? YES The Mammograms are not safe and should never be done on woman because it is like 700 chest Xray’s which will cause cancer in the sensitive Breast tissue.

Are MRI safer to help detect cancer? YES some slight exposure to radiation yet far less than dangerous mammograms.

Are thermography combined with ultrasound detect breast cancer? Yes they are safe and nearly 90% accurate to detect, yet no single test is enough, follow a healthy lifestyle medicine approach such as the Delgado Protocol to combat cancer.

Why the Delgado Plant based Protein diet is best to build the immune system to fight cancer.

which alternative treatments are best to fight cancer?

the anti-aging steps are similar to the ways to reverse and treat cancer.

also see

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