Advances In Natural Medicine Using Anti Aging Protocols Reviewed By Nick Delgado

January 2, 2014 994 views

This video is presented at the Hyperbaric Medicine for natural alternative practitioners. There is an introduction by Dr. Ron Klatz, President of the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine.

This is a complete overview of which protocols are best to support reversal of chronic fatigue and various disease disorders.

1. Identifying oxidative stress, free radical damage as seen in tissue breakdown in degenerative diseases.
2. Hormonal deficiencies and adrenal stress. Which supplements support recovery.
3. Natural methods to stimulate the release of stem cells to heal the body naturally.
4. Cyclic Variations in Adaptive Condition- CVAC
5. Lymphatic stimulation, and the exercise to stimulate
6. Blood morphology, virology, immune system and white blood cells.
7. How excess fats cause lipotoxemia, leading to poor circulation.

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