Acne be Gone for Good Hormonal pimple, Antibiotics? fast, glycemic, genetics? makeup Dr Sonia & Nick

August 2, 2020 243 views

Part 2
Dr Sonia Author “Acne be Gone for Good” Diet does affect Acne based on new studies, with nonfat milk proteins make acne the worse. Genetics? insulin spikes, prevented by beans, non GMO, fresh fruit, vegetables. Plant based vegan, oil free sugar free.
India fresh meals,

Avoid pastries. avoid milk skim, yogurt, cheese was even worse than whole milk. low glycemic diet.
Antibiotics, worsen the gut health and prolongs acne breakouts.
Why spirolactone can be replaced with natural methods.
Window of fasting?
Estroblock the 30 second solution
lasers, light therapies, scaring, hyper-pigmentation, facials,
podcast: 50 shades of beautiful
Podcast: Beyond Human Nick Delgado

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