Acne and Estrogen Dominance

August 11, 2015 2640 views Estrogen pretty clearly is the culprit in causing acne. The extra Estrogen pushes out the Progesterone which causes excess oils to secret…causing acne and other skin challenges. Additionally, Estrogen Dominance decreases the production of sex hormones.
Urine tests can confirm the presence of estrogen and absence of progesterone even though that’s almost always the problem.
Nick Delgado and Dan Holtz discuss these hormones and their effects on women and men.

0:21 Controversy that Estrogen is culprit and cause of acne
0:52 Progesterone Deficiency causies Estrogen Dominance
0:59 Production of Sex hormones Decrease
1:26 Progesterone levels decline 40-50% in women age 35-45
1:44 Estrogen causes more oil secretion
2:10 Getting Progesterone to normal level with supplements
2:25 Estrogen almost always the cause of acne
2:40 Doctors rarely check urinary metabolites
2:48 Urinary tests most accurate results
3:18 Urine Tests confirms what is evident – progesterone deficiency
4:10 Estrogen dominance or progesterone deficiency?

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Dr. Nick Delgado
Health and Anti-Aging Coach

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