6 steps to Immortality to extend quality life. Essential fatty acids, Sleep, plant protein, Hormones

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How much fats do we need? Essential oils may help skin conditions, like eczema,. Dr Press showed less than .1 % rubbed onto the skin to get enough fat the body needs. Soaking nuts, seeds, flax-seeds, chai seeds, to provide healthy membranes cell walls. Plant based fatty acids are best to reduce inflammation.
Fruit is best whole, while apple juice is not as good because the sugar is to concentrated. Juice the greens, vegetables from spinach, kale, gives nutrients. The fiber is ideal, the blender, might be ok. Be careful to lightly cook or don’t cook plant foods.
The 6 steps to ideal health.
1. The competitive fitness benefit
2. Sleep with sun down then wake son up without an alarm is ideal to restore hormones and recover. At least to bed by 9 pm and wake 8 hours later. Consider skipping even one cup of coffee, as it interrupts sleep.
Sleep Apnea, is a mechanical issue that affects sleep. Also woman in menopause need natural bio-identical progesterone, estrogen and testosterone. Growth hormone helps sleep to get into deep sleep, REM. We can benefit from melatonin.
Morning waking depends on cortisol.
at 14:00 minutes Daylight helps the body restore hormones such as cortisol. Sunlight on the scrotum increased LH, to increase testosterone levels. We can benefit from meditation.
15:00 we the sun, go naked for Vitamin D.
16:00 workout doors. breath the ocean air.
18:00 excess oils deplete nitric oxide. Foods rich in nitric oxide like beets, collard greens, nuts, spinach, kiwi fruit, broccoli, red chili peppers.
19:22 test nitric oxide levels by saliva strips. Arterial stiffness is good to monitor.
20:00 nitric oxide works to prevent hardening of the arteries.
21:10 nitric oxide based on arginine amino acids is not as potent as plant nitrates. Nitric oxide is not a scam, there is good science.
22:01 Nathan Pritikin study journals never even listed on google!
22:51 top doctors agree yet meat, dairy and big pharma, are misleading the public
23:20 Whole raw food, fitness, hormones, love, stem cells
24:40 hormone youthful levels.
26:10 We are our the moments between our thoughts. 60,00 thoughts a day, half might be negative.
27:10 think about a time you were very happy.
Immortality part 2

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