45 lbs lifts by Dr Nick Team USA Ready for Arnold Sports Festival March 2014

June 26, 2018 558 views

the Sport requires lifting from the side to completely overhead, While Dr Nick has won competitions that included over 300 lifts with 45 lbs dumbbells in each hand in international competition we still don’t now how many lifts Dr Nick can do as no one has pushed him to his limits except for his training partner, Big Tim Nash, and Dragan who started the sport now called “The Delgado Challenge $1,000 lift” Look at the excellent form and lift to completely overhead. In local competitions we often use 30 lbs or 35 lbs. in each hand to allow competitors to have fun, these events can last as long as one hour of nonstop lifting of over 1,000 lifts! According to Newtons Law this is an expenditure of millions of units of energy based on distance (55 inches from waist to full extension overhead) x weight (45 lbs) times number of lifts (425 lifts) = 1,051,875 units of energy

When Dr Nick Delgado broke the all time world record for over head lifts, he did 2,000 lift x 55 inches distance to move the weight x 25 lbs. = 2,750,000 units of energy.

Note after 40 minutes Dr Nick increased the weight to 40 lbs dumbbells lifting various weights until the total of 40,500 was exceed of Dragon’s World Record with 35 lbs. at Venice Beach.

Dr. Nick has exceed this record with a total of 50,560 lbs and he is ready for you.

The form with the lighter weights is loser meaning you will notice the weight swings more as the movement is much faster with lighter weights. This is acceptable in our sport of the Delgado Challenge so long as you don’t bend our legs to help in the lift overhead.

Try it with 22 kilos which 45 lbs in each hand and see how many you can perform, nonstop without rest. Also in this sport you must keep pace with the current champion and be the last man standing. Will that be you?

This sports takes mental toughness particularly with heavier weights, the time for a competitor to lift 45 lbs in the fastest movement might approach over 100 lifts in under 5 minutes. Dr Nick has competed at the Arnold Sports Festival and offered the Delgado $1,000 challenge at Mr Olympiad. The results will shock you for a man turning 64 years old Jan 5 2019 who is an oil free vegan plant based protein diet for 40 years is currently undefeated against some of the toughest competitors from different sports in the world. See http://NickDelgado.com

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