4 Simple Steps To Feel, Look & Live Great. | Detoxify, Nutrify, Fortify and Power of Mind

July 20, 2019 332 views

Experts Dr Nick Delgado and Dr Cathleen Gerenger explain estrogen dominance and how it can harm the body, increase body fat, cause man boobs, or female fat retention around the abdominal area.
4 steps to wellness is 1. detoxify, 2. nutrify, 3. fortify and 4. power of the mind
We can supplement the body to improve metabolism, support youthful testosterone level, with DIM in Estroblock, LivDtox and Neuro insight can help reduce acne, body fat, risk of cancer, fibroid, will help in phases of estrogen clearance.
Ideal hormone balance relates to eating healthy fruit, vegetables and using methyl donors.
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