3 Steps to Outstanding Energy, Fitness and Health. Juicing, Delgado Protocol Supplements, mind set

December 5, 2018 396 views

In this segment with Dr Nick Delgado, Author, world Strength Endurance Champion you will hear from one of his clients the most important factors to achieving successful health. We know that discipline, dedication and consistency are critically important to achieve successful results in business and in health.
Three Steps, 1) Detoxify, 2) nutrify and 3) fortify can lead to outstanding Energy, Fitness and Health with Craig Batley, age 70, explains his competitions of running up stairs at high rise buildings. He trains by running up stairs at the high school stadium to prepare for high rise building competition! Find exercises like dancing that you enjoy to improve vitality.

He juices daily with carrots, celery, kale. Dr Nick states to further increase the quality of juicing, use this concentrated juice as the base in the VitaMix with the inclusion of raw sweet potatoes, beets, carrots for the added fiber.
Craig has amazing clear healthy blood under the microscope, with a virtual absence of free radical damage that looks like that of a person that exercises consistently, a thigh intensity, which is believed to reverse aging by increasing mitochondria. Mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cells. The density of mitochondria is a key to having high energy, reduction in cancer and an abundance of health. Craig runs triathlons, often times running past men 20 years younger.
Find out the importance to optimize your hormone levels such as testosterone, with TestroVida Pro. Restore nitric oxide with Beet Vitaliy. Restore the body with Stem Cell Strong powder and the new Neuro ortho Stem capsules to release more stem cells to heal the body.

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