3 Steps To Help Hormonal Aging, Wrinkles, Obesity, Breast, Prostate Issues Related To Estrogen.

July 20, 2019 415 views

Dr. Cathleen Gerenger and Dr Nick Delgado discuss what symptoms will women have when they are deficient in estrogen? Vaginal dryness, vertical lines under the nose on the upper lip.

DIM helps those who need to detoxify, allowing estrogen to do its job of rejuvenation without causing side effects.
Excess estrogen in men leads to man boobs and prostate problems, ED and obesity.
Excess estrogen in women often occurs in those on estrogen hormone replacement, those on hormone pellets especially those on an animal-centered diet. Even those using organic animal products will still be exposed to excess estrogens because animals have menstrual cycles.
A product rich in cruciferous vegetables DIM 259 detoxifies, Estroblock, LIvDtox reduces estrogen dominance, improves liver function and metabolism.

Symptoms of aging can be reduced by using a plant-based diet, supplements and hormone replacement, hysterectomy, needs estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.
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