10 Best tips Mastering Love, Sex Intimacy -Dissatisfied? Dr Nick Delgado & Dr Cathleen Gerenger

October 12, 2019 645 views

A little sound distortion, yet this is a great talk
Over 41% of men say they are Sexual dissatisfied, and 27% of woman say they are dissatisfied, with over 75% of woman not achieving orgasm. Even though 95% of men think they are good lovers!
Woman low sex drive 43%
Lack of Lubrication 56% due to hormones and timing of love making to reach a state of stimulation.
Arousal Disorder 17% in woman
Time needed to get or reach an orgasm of 20 minutes to one hour. Men need 2 minutes to 15 minutes. The discussion review premature ejaculation and ED,
The are herbs that help reduce toxic estrogen needs to be cleared to delay orgasm. DIM, in Estroblock help along with LivDtox
Lack of Foreplay, is common problem to be solved with continuous foreplay, brain
10% difficulty to achieve, 5% of woman never achieve orgasm
67% of woman report faking their orgasm to get it over with.
Men are from Mars, (men are over confident) Woman are from Venus, (feel insecure)
Women search for strong confident men, Men search for love feelings.
Attitude with confidence about sex and intimacy is important

Porn showing intercourse is misleading because most woman will not be stimulated sufficient to achieve orgasm. These videos are a detractor for real intimacy, as the vagina has almost no sensitivity areas. The best orgasms are on the Clitoris, G spot, and Cervix
Sexercise moves
Front Pee hole, Vagina, and Anus contract to improve the pelvic wall to increase the intensity of orgasm. There are 8,000 nerves and 7,000 more connection pleasure nerves in woman. While men have 5,000 pleasure nerves.

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